Explosion at McCamy Law Firm in Dalton Georgia: Suspect Dead, Four Hurt — One Serious

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Explosion at the McCamy Law Firm near downtown Dalton (411 West Crawford Street) at about 10 a.m. resulting in multiple injuries. According to witnesses, the windows of the building were blown out and at least one person had his clothes burned off. Other people were walking and removing burnt garments. A fire raged for awhile, since firefighters could not enter until the colonial style building was confirmed to be safe from other explosives.

Several people with burns were taken to local hospitals. One person with serious burns was flown by LifeForce Helicopter to Steel Burns Center in Augusta.

One person was initially reported in custody for questioning. Person identified as Lloyd Cantrell, 78, who was found dead at the scene. He attempted to ram his SUV (filled with gasoline and propane) into the building, but failed. Cantrell’s residence was searched for more explosives — his neighborhood closed of on Beaverdale Road in Vernell, Georgia. His home is secure and his neighborhood re-opened.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on the scene with a bomb-searching robot.

Schools, businesses and a post office in the area under a lockdown status.

Whitfield County Fire Department is the fire agency on the scene. Wide area of streets have been shut down. In the aftermath, Crawford Street between Jones and Thornton Avenue will remain closed.

Incident is being described as an assault on the justice system by a “deranged” individual — not a terrorist act, but the result of a dispute over property. The law firm McCamy, Phillips, Tuggle & Fordham specializes in personal injury and wrongful death, but also works in banking, utilities, government, corporate and real estate law.

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