Protest Video Compilation Including Anarchists ‘Funk the War’ Meet Police at Intersection in St. Paul Near the RNC

Video of Anarchist Protest and pepper spray response at intersection in St. Paul.

Protester sprayed in the face while being held down by police. Video also shows protester blindsiding a police officer who was dragging another protester down the street.

Video compilation of protests in St. Paul near the Republican National Convention site at Xcel Center in Minnesota. Police on foot, on bicycle and on horseback. Many protesters wore masks and broke windows, threw trash cans.

Video showing colored tear gas explosion directed at protesters.

Another perspective of the same scene from journalist Corrine McDermid from Video shows colored gas (blue, green and white) after explosive device shot from a gun detonates on the street.

Protesters are using to post news and notifications and call for help and backup from other protesters. The web address on Twitter is and shows notifications, such as requests for money for bail for people with felony charges, and status updates about how many police officers are located at specific addresses, and alerts notifying protesters about police movement. The website also gives arrest update locations, such as “5th & Sibley two confirmed arrests – female indy reporter, male with her down on the ground tasered; crowd chanting let them go.” The twitter site lists their official site as the RNC Welcoming Committee (

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