Weather Channel Founder John Coleman: “The Fraud of Global Warming”

John Coleman on Glen Beck:”Thousands have signed a petition against global warming.”

In 1982, shortly after he left the Chicago television news market, meteorologist John Coleman founded the Weather Channel. John Coleman was a down-to-earth weatherman with a comedic style in Chicago appearing on Channel 7 and Channel 5. This week John Coleman, who works as a television meteorologist for KUSI-TV in San Diego, presents his skepticism of global warming alarmists and even proposes suing Al Gore to expose ‘the fraud of global warming.” Here are John Coleman’s comments in partial transcript from the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change from March 3 in New York.

The Weather Channel had great promise, and that’s all gone now because they’ve made every mistake in the book on what they’ve done and how they’ve done it and it’s very sad. It’s now for sale and there’s I think a new owner of The Weather Channel will be announced – several billion dollars having changed hands in the near future. Let’s hope that the new owners can recapture the vision and stop reporting the traffic, telling us what to think and start giving us useful weather information.”

… because I have a feeling this is the opening. If the lawyers will take the case – sue the people who sell carbon credits. That includes Al Gore. That lawsuit would get so much publicity, so much media attention. And as the experts went to the media stand to testify, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

In October 2007  Nobel committee awarded former Vice President Al Gore with the Nobel Peace Price for his efforts to alert the world to the dangers that lie ahead if the world does not take immediate steps to reverse man-made environmental damage to our planet — especially carbon emissions.

Apple, Inc. immediately dedicated their official website front page congratulating Apple board member Al Gore with the following message …

Al has put his heart and soul, and much of his life during the past several years, into alerting and educating us all on the climate crisis. We are bursting with pride for a Al and this historic recognition of his global contributions.

The message was displayed on Apple’s front page for several days immediately following Al Gore’s recognition of the award of the Nobel Peace Price.

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